Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pocketbook Plant (Calceolaria herbeohybrida)

These unusual flowers are found in spring at Dan Schantz Greenhouse.  They get their name from the puffy flowers that are hollow inside, resembling a pocketbook.  Another common name is Slipperwort or Slipper Flower. 

They bloom brilliantly bright colors- from red, yellow, maroon, orange, pink and cream, with little polka dots all around the flower. 

Keep the plant moist at all times, but never sitting in water.  Just feel the soil, and if the top is a little dry, then give it a drink.  They like a bright, cool window with no direct sun. 
 Don't fertilize while in bloom.

Pocketbook plants are indoor annuals and will only bloom this one time, but will last for about 4 weeks in your home.   They are beautiful, unusual and a joy to have. Makes a perfect gift plant, lasts longer than cut flowers, and they're less expensive than a box of chocolates. 

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