Thursday, May 7, 2015

Potted Flowering Plants for Mother's Day 2015

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to give the best quality flowering plants for Mother's Day.  You only have as far as Dan Schantz Greenhouse to find exceptional quality at the best prices.  We grow millions of flowers and plants at our (now 60 acres) farms - under roof!  not to mention the field growing space. 

Calla Lilies, Cinneraria, Martha Washington (Regal) Geraniums, Non Stop Begonias, Hydrangeas, Florist Mums, Gerbera Daisies, Campanula and so much more- beautiful plants that will delight Mom or Grandma.. and anyone else on your list.  Here are some lovely plants growing for you for Mother's Day:


Cut Flowers & Arrangements

The "Cut Flower Outlet" in our name is usually smaller and sometimes omitted.  But the truth is, that Dan Schantz Greenhouse has the finest design team in the area.  Our flowers are chosen by our seasoned florists, some stuff is so exotic you can only find it at the finest trade markets in big cities. 
But, after all, we are an outlet.  So you'll get the best flowers at the lowest prices.  Fresher, better, newer, best.  Dan's designers?  Top notch.  I've seen the things they create with amazement and after 23 years of my working with Dan Schantz, they never seem to disappoint. 
The gals at the florist counter have been doing amazing arrangements for years, and as an added bonus in the greenhouse, we have Howaida who adds that "European Flair" with specialty large arrangements that you can't possibly find anywhere else in the Lehigh Valley.  You want something special?  No Problem.  Just ask- but remember that special requests at a holiday need to be ordered about 2 weeks in advance.  If you can dream it, they can do it.  And believe me, they do it better than anyone else I've a way cheaper cost.  Check us out. 
Oh, and they do the most fabulous weddings!

Gift Baskets and Dish Gardens

Most gift baskets, Dish Gardens and compilations of flowers and plants are made on our Lehigh Street property.  Some Dish gardens come from our Pipersville location- where we have tropical foliage plants shipped from Florida and we place them in containers  with same type plants (so they grow together in perfect harmony!)
The designers choose plants and flowers in season that will give the best performance for the recipient.
There may be a time that the plants in the arrangement gets too large.  It may need to be transplanted into a larger pot.  Simply remove the entire plant from it's dish (or basket) and either plant the whole root ball into a larger pot, or you may be able to carefully separate them and just remove one or two plants, and keeping the rest in the bowl.  You may wish to ask your friendly Dan Schantz associate for some help if this makes you jittery.

Gorgeous Hanging Baskets! 

Dan Schantz Greenhouse grows millions of hanging baskets, in every size, color and combinations.  Area tested and Dan Approved- we think you'll find our baskets to be exceptional!
Take a look at them growing at our farm:
When they are ready, we ship the best directly to our customers!

Our growers start with the healthiest cuttings and the most vibrant colors of species available on the market, strategically placing them in the correct size basket.  We make our own soil from Peat, Rock Wool, Perlite, Vermiculite and other trace elements to provide the roots with the most water absorption and aeration for best growth.  It takes about 3 months to grow a perfect hanging basket, and is fertilized/watered by automatic and computerized echo systems. 

Basic #10 (size of pot) annual hanging baskets include:
Pansies, Snapdragon, Mixed annuals, Wax Begonia, Petunia basic, impatiens (regular) and many other annual flowers.  $12.99 each
Deluxe #10 Hanging baskets include but not exclusive: Zonal Geraniums, Specialty Petunias, Hybrid Begonias, Bacopa, Nemesia, and other deluxe fancy annuals.  $15.99 each
#12 Premium hangers include some of the larger combinations: Specialty geraniums, Calabrachoa, wave petunias, Diascia, Bidens, etc.  $22.99 each
Proven Winner hanging baskets are planted with only premium Proven Winner brand annuals, $24.99 each
And last but not least, the large Coco Moss hanging baskets (pictured above) that range in price of $29.99 to $34.99 depending on size. 
It's best to check in often to see which varieties are available.  Since we ship and grow all product continuously throughout the spring and summer, we sell only what is ready on any given week. 
Care of Hanging Baskets:  Check to find out the best location for your plant.  Most everything will grow with a half a day of sunshine.  Extreme conditions should be noted: if you are putting it in a HOT SUNNY spot and you don't like to water too often, try Calliope Geraniums or Sunpatiens.  Moss Rose (Portulaca) or Vinca would be great. 
A REALLY SHADY spot should host impatiens, Coleus, Lobelia or sweet potato vine.  Just remember, nothing grows in complete darkness, and anything that is in a hanging pot will usually dry out faster than a planter closer to the ground.  Water it until the water runs out of the bottom for at least 50 seconds.  Don't fertilize a dry plant. 
(cheater's tip- no one will notice if you add some small silk flowers to your green vining plants that have no flowers because of intense shade.) hah.